Since 2008 we have focused our services on the school improvement and teacher formation for the betterment of education in Indonesia. These are our services :

Teacher’s Formation

We work on helping school to improve teacher’s professional development through workshop on curriculum, pedagogy, school management, methods of teaching, multicultural education, teacher’s reflective practices, project based teaching, personalized curriculum development, curriculum model strategy development, and evaluation and assessment.

School Leader’s Formation

We assists school to nurture school leader formation and growth through school assistance, consultation, and training of character educational leadership. We prepare all teachers to be ready as school leader and principal to transform school to be better school. We particularly developed model of school leadership that has transformative vision going beyond merely school leader as instructional leader. We are moving beyond this limited style of school leadership.

Resource Person

Mr. Doni Koesoema A. as the leader in this team, is available to become the resource persons expertise on education. He has been the resource persons for national and international workshops and seminar on various themes on education, from pedagogy, teaching, learning, curriculum, and assessment and evaluation.

Character Education Developer

We assist school and foundation (yayasan) to design character education program based on the comprehensive and integrated character education paradigm developed by Mr. Doni Koesoema A. We help school to prepare their specific values and charism in their character educational program.

Community Development

We work with community to improve the betterment in educational setting in collaboration with various institution, government and non government institution, and communities.