Character Education Consulting is founded in 2008 by Mr. Doni Koesoema A, Boston College Lynch School of Education Alumni. (See, DKA curriculum vitae) He studied philosophy at Driyarkara School of Philosophy (Jakarta), Gregorian University (Rome, Italy). He took short course on pedagogy and professional development at Salesian University (Rome, Italy).

Our main purpose is to improve Indonesian education quality, particularly in character education. Mr. Doni has been developing character education programs since 2008. He worked as academician and education consultant for Government and non governmental organization. He is lecturer at Multimedia Nusantara University (UMN), and now he is one of members of Indonesia Standar Education Boards (BSNP) at Minister of Education and Culture (MOEC).

Character education has been Mr. Doni’s  concern for research since 2002. He has been published in 9 books on character education. In 2016, Mr. Doni was one of leading figure in developing Character Education Strengthening (PPK) at MOEC.

Our Motto is “Working for the Better School of Tomorrow”

We just want to work to improve your school and improving national educationa quality.

In our works, we values integrity, collaboration, peace, and social justice.

We develop thoughts and character education practices in Indonesian context based on the global experiences of Mr. Doni Koesoema A who has been studying in Europe and United States.

Since 2008 we have been working with hundreds of schools, thousands of teachers, and school administrator, Foundation, parents, Government and Non-Governmental Organization to improving character education in Indonesia. Mr Doni is one of initiators of Character Education Strengthening (PPK) movement policy in the Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic Indonesia (MOeC).

As one of Senior Policy Analyst at the Center of Analysis and Policy Syncronization at MOeC Policy (PASKA) Mr Doni has been collaborating with the government to improve character education program.

Mr. Doni is one of resource person for digital media on education topic.

We are a team of expert and experienced person who has been working in school that value social transformation through character education. We will assist you to make your school better, improve your teacher, and your student’s achievement in learning.

We work with government and private institutions since 2008 to improve education in Indonesia through training, consultation and resource person to improve character education in your school, University and community.